Luxury Streaming and its affiliates (referred to as "Company," "we," "us," or "our") are committed to protecting the personal information it collects when you use the website ("Site"), our mobile applications ("Apps") and our "Services.

This Privacy Policy contains information describing our practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information when you use the "Services". If there appears to be an inconsistency or ambiguity between the different language versions, the English version will take precedence.

1. Consent

If you decide to use our Services, please read the Terms of Use document available at By agreeing to it, you confirm that you are aware of its contents and that you understand and agree to the practices we use as described in our documents (Terms of Use and Privacy Policy). If we need your consent to process your personal information, we will ask for it. We may need to collect and use this data and disclose it, which you can find out about below. If you understand that this Privacy Policy describes things you cannot agree to, you should immediately decline to access or use the Company's Services.

2. Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to this document when we decide to update or expand the Services we provide. We will keep you informed of any changes to the information related to this document by emailing you to us or by giving you advance notice of changes within the Services when the changes have not yet become effective.

If you understand that you cannot agree to the amendments, please stop using the Services as soon as possible before the amended Policy takes effect. If you decide to use our Services after that point, we will assume that you agree to the amended document.

In addition, our Company may provide you with additional information about data collection, use and transfer when you use specific Services. Read these notices to learn more about the methods we use to ensure your privacy. They may also tell you about additional uses for the data you provide.

3. Information collected

When we use the terms "Personal Information" or "Personal Data" in this document, we mean any information that can identify an individual. Our main purpose in collecting your Personal Information is to improve our services and to enhance the customer experience at our Company. Please note that you should not share certain categories of personal information when using our Services. This applies to your ethnic or racial origin, political opinions, beliefs (religious or physiological) and genetic and biometric characteristics. You are not required to provide information about your health, criminal history, sexual orientation, etc.

You should be aware of the main types of information we usually collect from our users.

Information you give us directly:

Registration information and profiles. As an end user of our partner app, you will be given the opportunity to use your email address (or any other platform account) to register for the Services. Once you create an account, you provide some personal information such as:

  • ● Name;
  • ● Gender;
  • ● Date and year of birth;
  • ● Login;
  • ● Password;
  • ● E-mail address;
  • ● Photo or image;
  • ● Telephone number, etc.

If you have a third-party account that contains some identifying information about you, it may also be the source of the data.

User Content. When you provide some content when you use our Services or during our interactions, we collect it.

Interaction between users and Luxury Streaming. Whenever you need to contact our managers with questions, complaints, suggestions, etc., we collect data that is specified in your communications. This may include your name, contact details and other personal details. When you choose to leave feedback about our services and applications through our communications channel, we may also collect this personal information.

Information about you that is automatically collected:

User activity data. We use third-party analytics tools to collect information about your activity on our Services. This software may collect data sent by your device: the sites you visit, various add-ons and other information that helps us draw conclusions about how to improve the customer experience. Please note that we or any other third parties cannot use this data to identify you and other individual users because we anonymise the information or collect it in a way that is completely secure for you.

Device Information. Users who access our Services from their mobile devices (which may be your smartphone or tablet) should be aware that we may access, collect, track, store on your gadget and/or remotely some "Device Identifiers". Device IDs are small data files that are stored on your smartphone or tablet and can identify your unique gadget. They may be stored in connection with your hardware, operating system or other software tools or data that has been sent from the SITE name. We and third party partners may receive information about your user habits from this device identifier. By knowing how you use the Service, we may be able to provide you with personalized content and advertising. Please note: If your smartphone or tablet device identifier is not available, you may experience some difficulty using certain features of our Services that do not work properly in such a case.

Cookies and other technologies. You should be aware that we use cookies to learn how you use our Products and Services. We also use some similar technologies which include local storage, web beacons, pixels. In addition, we may ask our third party partners to provide advertising or some services on your devices, which may also use cookies or the technologies listed above. You have the option of deciding what information you do not want to send from your computer, smartphone or tablet and limiting its volume. You only need to change the settings on your gadget or browser. However, please note that we may not be able to provide you with certain essential functionality once you have prevented us from collecting the data we need. You can request further information on this topic and on cookie management. Please see our Cookie Policy or contact us if you have any questions.

Activity log files

  1. ● Each time you request access to our website or application, log file information is automatically provided by your browser. It may also be provided when you download content from the website or application to your device or browser. While you are using our Service, our servers automatically collect certain file information, which includes:
  2. ● Your web request;
  3. ● Your IP address;
  4. ● The type of browser you are using;
  5. ● Referring pages and exit pages;
  6. ● URLs;
  7. ● number of clicks;
  8. ● your linking habits in the Services;
  9. ● domain names;
  10. ● landing pages;
  11. ● pages you have viewed;
  12. ● other similar information

In addition, we may access other information in your activity log in order to improve our Services, correct errors and so on. This includes various activities when using our Product, your comments, authorisations, chats, giveaways and so on.

Automatic log updates. Automatic log collection does not lead to profiling which may affect you. It simply gives us a broader view of our users and customers.

4. How we use your information

When we receive any information from our users through the Services, we use it for various purposes. These are described here:

A. To provide you with a worthwhile service It would be impossible to provide you with the Services you require without having certain information. This information may include your contact details, device details. We may share this with our service providers or partners when it is necessary to continue to provide you with our Services in a dignified manner. We must have this information in order to deliver to you what you expect.

B. To arrange communications related to the Service. We use your personal information to stay in touch with you so that we can provide you with any information you need. This may be administrative news, account related updates, some information about security issues or transaction updates, etc. These messages are solely related to the provision of services and do not contain any advertising. You cannot unsubscribe from these messages because we do not want you to miss important news related to your account or our news that may affect your use of the Services.

C. To provide you with friendly customer support. When our customers contact us and ask for help with any problems, questions, complaints and other types of feedback, we need to process your personal information. Without this information it would be impossible to respond to you or guarantee an outstanding level of customer support.

D. To ensure compliance with terms, agreements or policies. We need to ensure that you are adequately protected when you use our Services. Thus, we collect and process this data to find out if there are any illegal, unlawful or prohibited activities on our Services. We must actively monitor and investigate them in order to prevent them and reduce any harm that may be caused to our customers. We must also be able to enforce our agreements with partners. All potential breaches of our Terms and Conditions and Policies must be avoided. If we do not process your personal information, our hands are tied and we will not be able to provide our Services in accordance with the warranties and promises we make to you.

E. For security purposes. First, processing your personal information allows us to ensure that all security measures we have in place are maintained and improved. Then, we fight against possible types of spam and malware that threaten our and your security. Of course, we must also monitor and verify the identities of all our users to ensure that your account is not compromised or authorized. Once we lose access to your data, we will not have the ability to make our services as secure as expected.

F. To comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Another reason we may need your personal information is because our Company is subject to certain business obligations. In particular, this includes the payment of taxes and/or risk management as required by applicable law. Compliance with basic legal and regulatory requirements is not possible without processing your personal information.

H. To carry out research and improve the Services. You can rest assured that some of the information we collect helps us develop and improve our Services for you. This is what helps us understand how you use the Products and how you interact with them. This approach ensures mutually beneficial cooperation and the development of new Services that have clear benefits for you.

I. To launch marketing campaigns. Finally, your contact information, as well as information about how you and others interact with our Services, is of great marketing value. This data enables us to launch marketing campaigns and inform our audience, segment our customers, and create content that will be effective for you. This also applies to our partners. Please note that we do not classify as "marketing" posts about your account or our products, which are transactional.

You may also provide us with your friends' contact details so that we can contact them and offer them our Services.

We do not restrict you in any way if you choose to opt out of our marketing campaigns. You always know when we want to use your data and for what purposes, and you can always opt out. We only use data that we have obtained with your consent. Remember that if you refuse to share personal data or limit the information we need for different purposes, you may lose access to all or some of our Services.

5. Transfer of personal data to third parties

There are several possible circumstances under which we may transfer your personal data to third parties. You can find a description of them right here.

Affiliates. First of all, we can transfer your personal data to companies that are legitimate members of the group of companies of which Luxury Streaming is a part, as well as to companies that should become part of that group ("Affiliates"). This information from our users can be used by Affiliates for the purpose of providing, understanding and improving the Services. In particular, we may provide data for analytics purposes so that Affiliates can develop and offer their own services, offering you a more interesting and better experience.

Our service providers and business partners. Our service providers, business partners and certain third parties may help us provide Services to you ("Service Providers"). Accordingly, we may grant them access to your personal information to the extent deemed necessary and to allow us to protect your security.

Responding to legal requests and preventing adverse consequences. We may access, retain and disclose your information if:

1. We have no other choice because the law requires us to do so. This may be in response to a court order, subpoenas, or a relevant request from various competent public authorities, particularly the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, etc.

2. We have reason to believe that providing a reasonable amount of your information will help protect us and our users from fraud and other types of threats.

3. We believe that you, as our user, have abused and misused the Services. This may include attacking our system, gaining unauthorised access to the Servers, sending spam, and other possible means of violating applicable laws.

The information we receive about you and our other users is available, processed and stored for a long time if it is the subject of a legal enquiry or obligation, a government investigation or an investigation into a breach of our terms and conditions. We may immediately notify you of a legal request by attaching a copy of the original communication if we have permission to do so.

6. Distribution of your information

If you choose to use our Services and to share your information with us for any purpose, you should be aware that your personal information may be collected, processed and stored outside the country or jurisdiction in which you are currently located. The information is stored on servers or databases. Please note that the data protection laws in these countries or jurisdictions may differ from those in your country and may not be as effective. Therefore, if you do not want us to collect, use or transfer information outside of your country of residence, you should stop using our Services.

7. Confidentiality of minors

As we do not provide services to minors, we deliberately refrain from collecting their personal information. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to use our Services. As soon as we learn that a minor has provided us with their personal information, we will do our best to remove that information from our database. If you are the parent or guardian of a minor and you believe that he or she is using our Services and providing his or her personal information, please contact our managers immediately by any means of communication to resolve the situation and have the data removed.

8. Security

One of our main aims is to ensure the security of your personal data.

To ensure the privacy of our users, we employ various physical, technical and administrative security measures. In addition, we have very strict requirements for all service providers who also process personal information. They must protect the security and privacy of the data you provide to us by using all available security measures. However, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that your data will not be lost, misused, unauthorised or altered. Not all of your information is under our control at all times, so we cannot protect absolutely all of our customers' personal information. For example, we are talking about data transmitted via email or your Wi-Fi connection.

Please note that you are also responsible for maintaining your privacy and security. You must create a sufficiently strong password when you register for an account and ensure its security. You must also not leave your device unlocked if you are not around. When accessing or using our servers, make sure your wireless connections are secure wherever you are right now.

9. Retention of Personal Information

We do not retain users' personal information forever. Any data we do receive, we use for the specific purposes we described above. We therefore always try to limit data retention to the time it takes to achieve those purposes. This may include compliance with our agreements, dispute resolution, campaign duration, etc. If you have any questions about retention times, you should contact us.

Marketing. We do not have a specific retention period for information we need for marketing purposes.

Online behavioural data. We store any user data collected through various technical or analytical tools (including web page counters, cookies and flash cookies, etc.) for a specified period from the expiry date of the cookie or the date of collection.

10. “Do Not Track” requests

Please note the fact that our Company never monitors or responds to 'Do not track' browser requests, so they are meaningless.

11. Important information for residents of the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

This section of the Privacy Policy only applies to those users of our Services who are located in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland (we refer to these as "Specified Countries") at the time of data collection and processing. When you use some of our Services, we may ask you for information about which country you are currently located in. We may also use your IP address or MCC (mobile district code) to get the relevant information.

If we do not obtain this information from you, but use your IP address or MCC, the terms of this chapter may not apply to any user who is masking or using various methods to conceal their location so as not to be associated with the Specified Countries. If any provision of this chapter conflicts with other terms of this document, this section applies to users in Specified Countries.

A. Our relationship to you

Luxury Streaming controls all data and personal information collected from users of the Services. "Data controller" means the entity responsible for the purposes and methods of processing any personal data. Those third parties who are our service providers cannot be called "data controllers", as they are "data processors". They follow a contract to process your personal information as instructed.

You are a "user", that is, a person who submits data to our Company, for example when you create an account, use our Services or in any other way.

B. Marketing campaigns

If you are currently located in the Specified Countries and are an actual user of our Services, we will only use electronic means to communicate with you. This may be by email or SMS, depending on your preference. We will provide you with information about our Services similar to that which you are already using.

If you are a new user and are located in the Specified Countries, we will use electronic means to contact you solely on the basis of your consent and that of your friends. Each of our users has the option to withdraw this consent at any time and make changes to their marketing preferences. This option is available free of charge and without any restrictions.

Any of our marketing emails are for promotional purposes only and are not transactional emails or emails related to our Services.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, scroll down any marketing email from us and click the unsubscribe link.

Unsubscribe whenever you like. As we process your personal information on the basis of your consent, you can withdraw it at any time. This does not affect the lawfulness of our processing of your data by our Company or Third Parties if we had consent before you withdrew it.

Access the information and make any necessary corrections. As soon as you want a copy of your personal information held by us, you can request it and we will provide it as soon as possible. This will be done without undue delay and is also completely free of charge (unless the law allows us to charge for this service). Where access to your information may adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others, we may restrict it. You also have the option of requesting an update or amendment to any data we hold if you do not have direct appropriate access through the Services.

You have a "right to be forgotten". If you do not want us to hold personal information, you can send us a request. We will delete the data if it is no longer relevant for the purposes for which we collected and processed it. This also works with data that was collected with your consent to processing but has subsequently withdrawn that consent, as well as information that we have collected without a lawful basis.

Right to restriction. We will refuse to process your personal information at your request if one of the following conditions can be said to apply:

You wish to challenge the accuracy with which we have processed your personal information. In that case, we will check the accuracy and for that period limit the processing which may result in an interruption to some or all of the Services.

You believe that the processing is unlawful and therefore, instead of deleting the information, you wish to request a restriction on its use.

We no longer use your personal data for processing, but we may need it to pursue, enforce or defend legal claims;

If you have an objection to the processing of parts while you await confirmation as to which prevails: the legal basis on which we process our processing or your rights.

By restricting your personal information, we may only process it after obtaining your consent, in the enforcement or defence of legal claims (including to protect the rights of other entities or individuals) and where there is an important public interest. Once the restriction is lifted, we will provide you with the relevant information.

Right to object to processing. As our User, you may restrict the processing of your information at any time in accordance with applicable law if we have a legal prerequisite in the form of consent or agreement. In the event that the processing of your data is still necessary for a number of reasons (e.g. to defend legal action), we may continue it.

The right to portability of information. Where we have contracted with you or obtained your consent to process your personal information or have used automated means to process your data, you have the option to request a file of your personal information in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format. You also have the right to request the transfer of your personal information directly to other "controllers", provided that this can technically be done and does not violate the rights and freedoms of others.

Third Party Notices. Once we share your personal information with third parties, we will send them notification of any requests you make for changes to your personal information: whether to correct, restrict or delete, where this requires reasonable effort and is not impossible. Send a request if you would like to request a list of such third parties.

Automatic individual decision-making. If a decision has been made solely on the basis of automated processing of your personal information, you have the right to disobey it. This also works for profiling, which may have legal or any other consequences (unless any exemptions under applicable law apply).